ChuChuSchool Child Safety Policy

Updated 30th March 2018

Children’s online safety is paramount at ChuChuSchool.
ChuChuSchool strives to create a fully safe environment where children can have fun learning with their families and other children from across the world.

The ChuChuSchool Child Safety Policy sets out how Skoolbo Pty Ltd ("ChuChuSchool") protects the online safety of children who use the “ChuChuSchool services” available from the domains, and associated downloadable apps.

The ChuChuSchool Child Safety Policy should be read in conjunction with the ChuChuSchool Privacy Policy; and the ChuChuSchool Terms and Conditions; which together form the full terms and conditions with the User.

From time to time ChuChuSchool may modify the ChuChuSchool Child Safety Policy. Parents will be notified of any updated policy and the most current version may be found here.

  1. No Free Form Communication Between Children
    1. ChuChuSchool does not allow children to send or receive any free form information to other users. This prevents communication or inappropriate messaging between children.
  2. Multiplayer Games
    1. An important part of the ChuChuSchool Services is multiplayer games. This is where the Child plays against characters from ChuChuSchool universe. The purpose of these games is to inspire and to motivate the children to improve their learning. The characters represent artificial intelligence elements whose purpose is to bring out the best learning from your child.
  3. No Advertising to Children
    1. The ChuChuSchool Services do not send any marketing materials to the Child.
      There are no third party banner advertisements within the ChuChuSchool Services.
      There are no in-game promotions. Supporters and Partners of ChuChuSchool are recognised in a simple, discreet manner on the ChuChuSchool website.
    2. ChuChuSchool services do not use any tracking services to target or remarket advertising to children.
    3. If ChuChuSchool does in the future wish to advertise a sponsorship of its services then it can do so at will and does not to need to give the users advance notice of this sponsorship.